Shea Megale, Writer/Friend/Handler (And Speaker)

Blog With Dog is a place for thinking about writing in general and kidlit specifically, and reading, and television, and, of course, my dog. My keystone, my partner, my buddy.

Ever since Patterson’s puppy raisers passed his leash to me at the Canine Companions for Independence Southeast Regional Center graduation in May of 2015, my world has opened a little more each day. Life has become accessible with this indescribably wonderful assistance dog at my side–fewer inclines, and instead things to do, places to go, and people to see. And always, always, his help if I need it.

Writer Shea Megale also received her assistance dog recently: successor dog Pierre, Patterson’s brother. I’m sharing her graduation speech for its thoughts on the power of partnership and the balm that Pierre’s love provides. With or without her dog, Shea is a force of nature. I’m proud to know her, and to be writing my own future now.

Read it with me.


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