Valentiny Contest Entry


When Dog was young, he had a face as yellow as his body. Now his face was white. Pup licked that face.

“Stop,” said Dog. So Pup chewed Dog’s ear.

“No,” said Dog.

Pup curled up on the rug with Dog. But he wanted to play.

“Please?” said Pup.

“Shh,” said Dog.

And after a while, Pup closed his eyes. Then he heard a noise Dog’s ears couldn’t hear.

Pup barked.

Dog’s eyes opened. His body wiggled. It was Boy!

Pup was afraid of Boy’s wheelchair. He had never seen a wheelchair.

“What is it?” Pup asked.

“Just Boy,” said Dog. “Just Boy coming for love.”

And Dog went to Boy, and licked Boy’s face. Dog saw the ball in Boy’s hand.

Pup was still afraid.

“Come,” said Dog.

And Pup came to them.

Boy wanted to throw the ball. But he dropped it. Holding things was hard for Boy.

Dog got that ball. He gave it to Boy.

“Thank you,” said Boy. And Boy threw the ball for Dog and Pup. They played for a long time.

“I help Boy,” Dog said. “Help is love. You will help Boy too.”

Boy kissed Dog’s face.

And Pup went to sleep under Boy’s wheelchair. It was a nice place to be.






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