9 Months in Alabama for Patterson

Today marks my 9th month in Alabama with my serious, silly, playful, work-and-food driven assistance dog (because we split up the return drive from Florida and CCI’s Southeast Regional Center after graduation into two days).

In these 9 months, he has:

  • made friends with our 3 surviving cats (alas, recently departed Cleo never fell in love with him, but Sam, Piper, and even, mostly, Velveteen are his buddies)
  • helped replenish my energy, leaving me stamina for cooking (!) and housework (!!)
  • motivated me to start and finish several new projects
  • opened me to new possibilities for personal and professional growth, such as a flight to the Highlights Foundation Revision Retreat in Honesdale, Pennsylvania in August, alone (!!!). But I’m not really going alone–I’ll be with him.
  • made me more able to go out in public and do things independently
  • and finally, from the first day of our match, stolen my heart. Before our match was official and I could fill Facebook with my love for him, his alias was Valentino.

Thank you, my sweet and loving, curious, brilliant PatPat, for all you do, every day. I look forward to many more years with you. You bring out the best in me.

Pat Lap for website



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