Linked Post: 9 Ways to Empower Your Child with Cerebral Palsy” by Karin

Awareness of disabilities and diagnoses is important to understand the experiences of friends and loved ones. Most important of all, children with disabilities grow into adults with disabilities, and posts like this one by Karin at Freewheelin Travel Blog are excellent resources for parents currently raising children with cerebral palsy (the advice can apply to other disabilities as well).

When parents receive their child’s diagnosis, there is often so much emphasis on the dreaded “worst-case scenario” that parents are robbed of the opportunity to dream, plan, and delight in their children. The post linked below strikes a nice balance between seeking necessary medical guidance as necessary and trusting your own and your child’s comfort level when making decisions to maximize their independence and encouraging them to live as full and rich a life as possible. Like me, the author of the post has an assistance dog, which will not be right for every person with cerebral palsy, but may be possible and may offer a lot of benefits. Not all the advice, such as making homes and vehicles accessible and traveling with your child, is practical for everyone, but both are worth considering and doing to the extent that they are possible. Link:  “9 Ways to Empower Your Child with Cerebral Palsy”


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