One Year Ago, My World Opened Wider

Lots of thinking and writing about Patterson today–even more than usual–because one year ago on a stage at Canine Companions May Team Training graduation, in one beautiful flash of a moment that will be with me forever, I took his leash from Laura and Jim, who raised him from 8 weeks old to 16 months. My life has been enriched more and I do more than I ever thought possible. Before I was matched with him, I imagined my dog would pick up things that I dropped and cuddle with me, and he does. But he makes migraine days better. He saves my energy, inspires me to write, and has even helped me see a writers’ revision retreat in Pennsylvania as an opportunity to hone my craft with my best buddy, instead of a flight to dread.
Because of him I applied for and received a generous scholarship, and this retreat will allow me to make my novel better, and to make friends who are also revising their work. I never would have contemplated this a year ago. We are going to have a blast! Yes, there is the assistance, but the love and happiness are bigger than everything. I love you, PatPat.
new chair lap

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